Not complex but very powerful and gives sophisticated reporting*

Article image - Not complex but very powerful and gives sophisticated reporting* At Chinamans Beach, Mosman Council is using MAGIQ Performance to achieve a brilliant outcome.

Mosman Council delivers consolidated Financial Assets & Infrastructure Reporting with MAGIQ Performance

Mosman Council is using the MAGIQ Performance strategic financial management suite to deliver sophisticated financial assets and infrastructure reporting to support business decision-making.

Mosman is located north-east of the Sydney central business district overlooking the Harbour and has a suburban community of just over 30,000 people. Mosman is also home to the world famous Taronga Park Zoo, which is visited by more than 1.4 million people every year.

MAGIQ Performance is a highly sophisticated and powerful suite of strategic financial management software including budgeting, reporting, financial and strategic planning applications.

The MAGIQ Performance application sits across Mosman Council’s Civica Authority finance system and Assetfinda asset management system to provide a single consolidated reporting view of Council’s assets and infrastructure financial data.  

Council has achieved significant improvements in efficiency and dramatically improved the accuracy and visibility of its assets data by replacing manual spreadsheet-based reporting with MAGIQ Performance.

Gary Mills, Chief Financial Officer Mosman Council says access to high quality, detailed expenditure and budgetary data is essential to efficiently managing and maintaining Council’s assets.

“Both the finance and the engineering teams need to be able to understand exactly when and where the money is being spent and whether it’s an operational, maintenance, capital or depreciation expense,” said Gary.  

“Using MAGIQ Performance, we’ve been able to integrate our financial data with our assets data to provide a detailed view for each expenditure category by Asset Group, Asset Sub-class or by Project; in fact we can report right down to the individual asset if needed.”

Previously we were exporting the data we needed from each system, and then consolidating the financial data and the asset data back into an MS Excel spreadsheet, which was hours and hours of manual, repetitive data entry,” he said.

Using MAGIQ Performance, producing our reports is now as simple as pushing a button – and it’s all there, all the information we need in Finance and all the information our engineering team need as well.”

“MAGIQ Performance is an incredibly powerful application, yet it’s not overly complex – and that’s the beauty of it,” said Gary.

“We use the great visualisation capabilities within MAGIQ Reporting to produce the reports for our managers, which makes it much easier for them to consume and really understand what the data is telling them.”

Gary is confident MAGIQ Performance is delivering considerable productivity improvements and has also dramatically improved the visibility of financial asset data across the organisation.

“The time we’ve saved on gathering the data is now being spent on the much higher value task of analysing and evaluating the data. And that means we are making decisions based on a substantially improved qualitative position.”

Gary is enthusiastic about the high quality of support and assistance the team provides.

“The team at MAGIQ are always very helpful and quick to understand the business issue and what we’re trying to achieve. The financial asset reporting we’ve been able to deliver with MAGIQ Performance is nothing short of brilliant!”

*Copy supplied by Magiq Software