Sustainability communication goes online

Article image - Sustainability communication goes online The Councilís Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The City of Unley in South Australia has taken its commitment to environmental sustainability into the digital realm with the creation of five short videos for its social media channels.

Having short videos showcasing examples of sustainable practices in the council area has proved a popular way to increase awareness with local residents – compared to them just reading a strategy document.

The videos explore the City of Unley’s new Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which incorporates specific council and community targets to reflect shared responsibilities across five common objectives – energy, water, environment, resilience and resourcefulness.

City of Unley Chief Executive Officer Peter Tsokas said the Council had made a long-term commitment to environmental issues and sustainability and the videos were a successful way for the community to learn more about specific projects.

“The City of Unley is an absolute leader in this area, and we have made a significant investment to ensure we are at the absolute forefront of environmental practices and innovation.

“We’ve worked hard on our Environmental Sustainability Strategy, and these videos present the strategy in an engaging and easy to digest format.”

The series of two-minute videos, which have already received over 4500 views through social media, aim to engage the local community and encourage them to get involved in various environmental and sustainability initiatives.

“This has proved to be a wonderful way for council to engage with the local community and ensure they are invested in what we’re trying to achieve,” Mr Toskas said.

“This successful model for setting dual community and council targets and communicating through short videos is highly transferable to other council departments and is something we are looking at currently.”