Run silent, run deep at Applecross*

For those exercise junkies in the Perth suburb of Applecross, the impressive new set of steps installed by Landmark Products at Heathcote Reserve are a welcome sight. But the news is also good for nearby residents.

Wider and safer than the previous aging timber version, joggers can now scale the 11.5 metres – from bottom to top, via 57 risers – with greater confidence in search of that fitness boost. And then, run down and repeat.

The stairs that connect the Swan River foreshore and walkway to Heathcote Reserve, represent a significant achievement in planning and execution by Landmark and the City of Melville.

One of the challenging requirements of the brief was to demolish the previous steps, and replace them within the existing footprint of the legacy structure.

The combination of materials used were carefully chosen in consultation with the City of Melville to fit the purpose.

Although located metres from the Swan River, the predominately aluminium structure will require no maintenance and boasts a 100-year lifecycle.

The risers and lookout platform, made from FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) are impervious to decay, fire resistant, non-slip and are stronger than aluminium and steel of equivalent weight and shape.

Importantly for residents who live nearby the new staircase, FRP does not “drum” or reverberate (like metal), ensuring little or no noise from the fitness community’s significant use of the stairs in the early and late hours.

The Diamond Piers* and pre-constituted (off-site) concrete footings used meant no on-site concreting, no heavy equipment and its accompanying noise, and therefore, minimal site disruption.
*Copy supplied by Landmark Products