Railway greenway project on track

Article image - Railway greenway project on track An example of what a completed greenway looks like.

Stage four of a project to create a greenway along the Nedlands section of the rail reserve is now under way in Western Australia.

The City of Nedlands project will revegetate part of the grass verge on the western side, from south of Shenton Park station to north of Karrakatta station.

Following the removal of grass weeds and limestone rubble, certified mulch will be laid over the project area – waterwise native trees, shrubs and groundcovers will then be planted in June.

City of Nedlands Mayor Max Hipkins said the project would assist with protecting biodiversity within the City, providing improved habitats for local fauna and increasing local capacity to absorb greenhouse gas emissions.

“Greenways are significant because they link bushlands, parks, cultural and historic sites with each other, as well as urban areas,” he said.

“Native seedlings require significantly less water and don’t require fertiliser, meaning the greenways are easy to care for and maintain.

“Greenways also allow local wildlife to safely forage for food and shelter.”

The City of Nedlands adopted a greenways corridors policy in 2001, following public consultation.

“This ties in with the community-led Our Vision 2030, which says ‘Our bushland, river and beaches will be recognised as healthy ecosystems supporting local wildlife and enjoyed by people’,” Mayor Hipkins said.

“It’s vital we continue to protect our native bushland and create greenways for the long-term survival of our native plants and animals in the City of Nedlands for future generations.”