Innovative project cleans creek

The Northern Midlands Council is partnering with NRM North in consultation with other agencies, to develop a long-term open space plan for Sheepwash Creek, which flows through the western side of Perth, Tasmania.

NRM North has secured funding to undertake catchment management activities aimed at reducing the loads of sediments, nutrients, heavy metals and other pollutants from entering the Tamar estuary.

The funding has been made available through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme investment in the ‘Tamar River Recovery Plan’.

The open space plan for Sheepwash Creek involves transitioning what is now essentially a stormwater drain into a rehabilitated waterway which will significantly improve the amenity of the waterway, reduce localised flooding, provide significant environmental benefits and become an asset to the community of Perth and visitors.

The first stage of the plan involves the realignment of Sheepwash Creek and the installation of a sediment pond and wetland on the corner of Edwards Street and Youl Road to capture and treat stormwater as it flows through the system.

Mayor David Downie said the project was a wonderful example of collaboration between local council, industry and the Perth community.

“The development will provide treatment for water during regular flow events which will reduce flooding and enhance water quality.

“The design of this project demonstrates our care for the environment and our natural resources.”

NRM North’s Stormwater and Catchment Officer, Jesse Webster, highlighted the importance of reducing pollutants delivered to the South Esk to improve the health of the Tamar estuary.

“By installing Water Sensitive Urban Design infrastructure such as a sedimentation basin and wetland, we can reduce pollutants in the system while improving the overall amenity of the creek which is a win-win for the community of Perth and waterway health.”

The project will also be used as a demonstration project for other councils focused on improving water quality in urban creek lines.