Antelco launches ReuZitTM recycled water products*

Antelco, a world leading Australian manufacturer of micro irrigation products, has launched the ReuZitTM range of products specifically for the domestic and small commercial waste water and non-potable rain water market.

Antelco identified that there were specific requirements relating to these waste water systems that were not being met by using standard irrigation products.

The main requirements with these waste water products were that:

  • They operate at low pressures, 50kPa is common.
  • Spray systems must have low or flat trajectories.
  • Aerosol droplet size shall be as large as possible to avoid misting.
  • Visual operation of systems is preferable.
  • Waste water emitting device orifice sizes shall be large to resist clogging.
  • Waste water emitting device colour shall be purple (lilac) making them easily identifiable as do not drink.
  • Waste water emitting devices shall be easy to install.

To answer these issues Antelcohas developed the ReuZitTM micro range of recycled water products which includes:

ReuZitTM Bubbler – a localised bubbler which throws a diameter of 0.8m at 97 L/h, ideal for localised tree and shrub watering.
ReuZitTM Spray – a spray which throws a diameter of 1.7m at 195 L/h, ideal for ground covers.

ReuZitTM Sprinkler – a mini sprinkler which throws a diameter of 3.4m at 380 L/h, ideal for generalised watering of native garden beds.

The ReuZitTM range is available at your local Antelco distributor, or contact us at Ph – (08) 8532 3388, Email – for your enquiries.
Further information can be found on our web site  
*Copy supplied by Antelco