Universal design means access for all*

Access Institute sets the benchmark for access and universal design education and training relating to the built environment. We create a dynamic and energised training environment where each student feels empowered by the learning experience.

What is the Access Industry? The Access Industry originated to support people with disabilities to access all areas of life, including the built environment.  The industry stakeholders are responsible for ensuring that the design and development of environments are accessible to everyone.

What is Universal Design? Universal Design is a philosophy that ensures that products, buildings, environments and experiences are innately accessible to as many people as possible regardless of any differentiating factors that contribute to the diversity of our communities. It is not limited to the needs of any one particular group, but rather considers the needs of everyone.

Access Institute’s team of qualified and accredited trainers and assessors are industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from across the access industry.

Local government stakeholders regularly attend Access Institute’s nationally recognised courses. These courses have been designed with the needs of local government in mind and address the wide range of access considerations that must be addressed to meet both legislative and best practice functional outcomes for everyone in using the built environment.

Upcoming 2017 public courses include:

  • Diploma of Access Consulting - Course for Building Surveyors – 8 days
  • Certificate IV in Access Consulting – Course for Building Surveyors – 5 days
  • Understanding Access Legislation and Universal Design in Buildings – 1 day
  • Conduct a Building Access Audit – 2 days
  • Understanding Access & Universal Design in Parks and Outdoor Spaces – 3 hours
  • Conduct a Transport Infrastructure and Conveyance Access Audit – 2 days
  • Addressing Access in Transport Infrastructure and Conveyances – 1 day.

See the Access Institute website for dates and locations at accessinstitute.com.au

Access Institute also provides ‘in house’ training to councils on all of the areas above as well as a wide range of topics relating to access and Universal Design. Examples include: Understanding Access and Universal Design in buildings; housing, streetscapes; parks and outdoor spaces; public transport; playspaces and much more.
*Copy supplied by Access Institute