Strengthening the workforce

The Shire of York in Western Australia has strengthened its Human Resources processes to benefit employees and the community.

The Shire of York is located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, approximately 95km east of Perth, servicing a population of approximately 3500 people.

During the period of 2014-2016 the Shire of York experienced significant change, which affected the culture of the organisation.  
When the current Chief Executive Officer Mr Paul Martin, commenced with the Shire of York in April 2016, he recognised a need to review, develop and update all areas of the Shire of York’s Human Resource Management Processes to provide a best practice benchmark for the future.  

In February 2017, the Shire of York, engaged the assistance of One Degree Advisory in collaboration with sub-consultants LG People to undertake a comprehensive review of the Shire’s: Human Resource Management Processes; Workforce Plan; Policies and Procedures and Relevant Documents and Templates.

The process included the review and development of comprehensive Human Resource Practices and Policies for the organisation, as well as a workforce plan.

The review involved initial Council briefings, meetings with all staff (one-on-one), workshops and staff surveys.  

The outcome from the surveys resulted in the development of new position descriptions, templates and forms and sample policies and processes for all staff.

Training was also provided to all staff with regards to customer service, staff management (for team managers) and change management and resilience.

The new workforce plan has made changes to the organisational structure to better meet the expectations of Council and the community.

The final part of the project will include the development of a staff training plan and a volunteer management strategy for the Shire.