Councillors go electronic

In a continued bid to cut costs, City of Greater Geraldton councillors have gone paperless.

All correspondence at the Western Australian council is now sent digitally and is viewed on electronic devices.
City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said the savings would be huge.

“Often Council meeting agendas can be hundreds of pages long not to mention lengthy attachments,” he said.

“Together with minutes and other supporting documents which are often in full colour you can imagine the savings associated with going paperless are huge.

“Not only does the decision to go paperless have a positive environmental outcome, it will result in massive savings in the resources needed to print copies of Council meeting agendas which amounts to more than $35,000 per year.

“Reducing costs is something we as a Council are collectively working towards and I’ve had positive feedback from my fellow Councillors on this money saving initiative.”