How to repair weather damaged roads and pavements*

Do you have damaged and faulty roads or pavements that require fast, efficient and cost-effective repair?

The solution is PolyCom Stabilising Aid, an Australian made product that is field-proven and backed by a dedicated group of distributors.
PolyCom is suitable for sub-grade repair, flood damage repair, shoulder rehab works, patching works, and all manner of repair work where materials are hard to source or expensive to cart.

The innovative stabilising aid enables blending of different types of materials including clay, pit gravel, sandy clay, black soil, crushed rock and poor quality materials, whilst maintaining strength and performance during wet and dry weather.

The use of PolyCom results in increased California Bearing Ratio (CBR) in treated materials, increased traction and reduced permeability.

By enabling the re-use of existing materials, stabilising with PolyCom reduces the need for importing gravel, which eliminates truck movements and further damage to surrounding roads.

PolyCom is easily delivered to site, with zero to minimum freight costs.

Simple to use, and Occupational Health and Safety and environment compliant, PolyCom has proven itself time and time again over 14 years in the field, throughout Australia and around the world.

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*Copy supplied by Earthco