Creating a hyper-connected govtopia*

In 2008, Australia’s Government Chief Information Officers (CIOs) were discussing an emerging digital revolution and technology vendors were preaching the importance of data analytics and virtualisation. In the years to follow, cloud, open government and cyber security arose as the next big disruptors to traditional government services.

These emerging trends, that were discussed in their infancy by visionary leaders who could see their power, have since been matured and implemented by brave technologists who sought to be agents of change. So what is the next big thing for government technology?

Harnessing Next Gen Technologies
Australia needs to continue to explore opportunities to enhance government operations and citizen experiences. Some technologies that will have a profound impact on government over the next decade include:

The Internet of Things
The proliferation of smart devices will have a profound effect on Australia.

As we enter the Internet of Things (IoT) age, we need to prepare for unimaginable connectedness and for citizen experience expectations to be reshaped again by ambitious technology companies.

Artificial Intelligence
Coupling IoT connectivity with artificial intelligence will be important as cognitive computing matures. To keep up with the developing business landscape and citizen experience expectations, government departments and agencies will need to develop automated systems that can identify, analyse and respond to inquiries in real time.

Financial institutions are throwing money behind blockchain technology, payment innovations and spending billions on enhancing their digital services. Government services will have to monitor these developments closely and identify opportunities to prepare and implement citizen-serving innovations in this space.

Be an Agent of Change
We stand at an exciting time for Australian Government services; barriers preventing collaboration with startups are being removed and implementation of innovative technologies is being encouraged.
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*Copy supplied by Acevents