NeatStreets: Smart Tools for Asset Monitoring*

NeatStreets, not just a simple app… The developers (PepperStack Global Pty Ltd) have now made it into a community-engagement platform called ‘The NeatStreets Platform’ which asset owners around the world can now use for fault reporting and maintenance operations.

It has been cleverly adopted by PLUS MALAYSIA BERHAD, the largest toll expressway operator in Malaysia. PLUS’s innovative adoption of the NeatStreets Platform solves their complex problem of managing real-time operations and maintenance reporting across the entire length of its expressways which span over 987 km from the north to the south of the Malaysian Peninsula.

The service, aptly named PLUSMORE, maps operations and maintenance reports from mobile devices of up to four thousand PLUS personnel. The service seamlessly auto-notifies any one of a hundred geographically and functionally separated departments and units.

In addition, over 150 PLUS operators, ranging from senior, regional and section managers, down to departmental staff, have been configured across the country to monitor, respond and manage these reports via a web management portal. All status updates and messaging from operators are relayed back to the reporting workforce, ‘in-app’.

Some of the key benefits that have made The NeatStreets Platform a success have been:

  • proven technology (7 years of service)
  • scalable and easily distributed across the workforce
  • auto-notification - automatically relays operations and maintenance reports to the relevant processing-centre down to appropriate department
  • subcontract workforce engagement - ability to manage deployment to external workforces, (maintenance sub-contractors)
  • evidential value - ability to manage deployment to quality control groups with real-time access to evidential information.
  • in-app messaging
  • interactive in-app geographic information system (GIS) dataset
  • private app release - has the potential to perform controlled distribution to  community groups
  • rate-moderation – rate-limit report volumes
  • application program interface integration with internal asset/GIS and customer relationship management systems
  • integrated social media access to popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter for public image improvement.

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*Copy supplied by we-do-IT