New communications link unifies networks

Article image - New communications link unifies networks The Rifle Range Road communication tower is one of two installed by Dubbo Regional Council to provide a reliable data link between Dubbo and Wellington.

Providing consistent services to all parts of the Dubbo Regional Council area will now be easier for staff based in any of Council’s offices or locations following the commissioning of a new data communications link between Dubbo and Wellington.

Council Administrator Michael Kneipp said Council operates from around 30 different locations across Dubbo and Wellington so robust, reliable communication networks are essential particularly as many services rely on specialised computer programs and systems.

“Establishing the data communications link is a significant milestone in the merging of the two former Councils,” said Mr Kneipp.
“The new communications link between Dubbo and Wellington provides all staff access to the wide range of technical systems, applications and information required to provide consistent level of service to the community from any of Council’s locations.    

“The total project, including the new infrastructure, cost some $256,000 and was funded entirely from the $5 million made available to Council by the NSW Government for merger costs.”

Dubbo Regional Council Manager of Information Management Matthew Green said the new communications link commissioned provides 1 gigabit per second connectivity between Dubbo and Wellington via relay points at Rifle Range Road and Twelve Mile Road north of Wellington.

“New communications towers at both the Rifle Range Road and Twelve Mile Road sites were constructed including ancillary equipment such as microwave radios, antennas, cabling and other network devices,” Mr Green said.

“The link was commissioned in January and is now operational,” he said.

“The new communications link provides a unified corporate data network to support the use of common information management systems and software across the whole Council area,” Mr Green said.

“Important systems that can now be harmonised include customer request management, financial and property systems, document management and development application assessments.”