Electronic forms: are you 100% online?*

Article image - Electronic forms: are you 100% online?*

Many councils in Australia enthusiastically started migrating their paper-based processes to the online environment and created a few electronic forms. However, progress has stalled and the councils were unable to extract further value from their digital transformation move. Why?

According to Delloite University Press report, cost and budget pressures are the most prominent drivers of digital transformation. But before a council can start saving money it needs to invest. With competing priorities on their hands, not all councils are able to allocate the necessary information and communication technology (ICT) budget at once and the lack of common guidelines in terms of effort and costs doesn’t help.

We have created a simple online calculator which allows you to estimate the Payback Period of ICT expenditure based on the complexity of existing business processes and associated costs – localgov.fifthocean.com.au/payback-calculator.

This calculator uses real figures based on our implementation experiences on all levels of government and businesses.

Creating an online electronic form is not as simple a task as it might seem. To deliver high-quality user experience, as expected by the new, technology-savvy citizen, a council has to gather a dynamic team that has knowledge in graphic design and online styles, responsiveness (access on any web-enabled device), usability, accessibility (web content accessibility guidelines or WCAG compliance), smartforms and integration technology, front and back-end application processing, security, availability and maintainability.

Fifth Ocean Technologies has been at the forefront of the electronic forms development for the last decade. We have some of the best people in the field. Transitioning government agencies from paper-based processes into full online transactional environment is our core expertise. Most recent projects completed were for federal and state government regulatory agencies. Low implementation costs and 100 per cent on time deliveries is what sets us apart.

Fifth Ocean Technologies’ unique platform is designed to execute intelligent, user-centric, dynamic online forms. It allows to build modern, powerful and highly customisable online solutions, both customer-facing and for internal use. Utilising our technology results in significant cost and effort savings, sometimes up to 10 times when compared to traditional software development.

We have created a Local Government Applications portal that provides secure role-based online facilities for residents and council officers and demonstrates how your council can move from paper-based (or poorly designed digital) application processes to a 100 per cent online environment.

To learn more about how Fifth Ocean Technologies can help your council to increase service-level standards, improve interactions with citizens, and raise efficiency and transparency of your application process, visit fifthocean.com.au.

*Copy supplied by Fifth Ocean Technologies