CCTV cameras preventing crime

Frankston City Council is boosting its CCTV capacity after securing funding through the Victorian Government’s public safety infrastructure fund.

Council has received $192,918 in State Government funding for improved CCTV in the Young Street precinct.

The grant highlights the ongoing partnership between State and Local Government while enabling Council to continue working with the local police to ensure Young Street and all areas of Frankston’s city centre are a safe environment for people to visit, work and enjoy leisure time in.

The additional CCTV cameras will provide real-time monitoring through live streaming back to the Frankston Divisional Operation Support Office, a partnership between Frankston Police and Council implemented in August 2016.

“By enhancing CCTV coverage of the Young Street precinct, local police will have greater opportunities to undertake proactive policing while ensuring public safety, particularly while construction of the Victorian Government’s Young Street Improvement project is well underway,” said Frankston City Mayor Brian Cunial.

“The increase of CCTV capability is a great step forward in the enhancement of community safety as their presence also acts in the prevention of crime,” said Frankston Senior-Sergeant Phillip Hulley.
The Frankston CCTV network not only assists in the prevention and detection of crime in Frankston’s city centre, but it also increases the evidentiary capability of police investigators who seek to solve crime. In particular, Council is looking to use such evidence to combat illegal rubbish dumping at known hot spots.

“Frankston City Council is committed to addressing anti-social behaviour in our city,” said Mayor Cunial.

“We thank the Victorian Government for their contribution towards continuing the work already undertaken to ensure Frankston’s city centre continues to be a safe environment for all to enjoy.”