Working together for better results

Employees at Bulloo Shire Council in South West Queensland have undertaken a successful team building and management workshop to increase their leadership skills.

During October last year all Bulloo Shire Council employees were invited to undertake a DISC behavioural survey in the lead up to a Working Together workshop conducted by the Australian Institute of Management.

The focus of the survey was “who I am”, rather than who I should be or want to be, and this assisted participants analyse how they currently interact with co-workers and team members.

The workshop was delivered to each work group over one full day and it gave individuals a better understanding of their work style and how to build more effective relationships within the workforce. Staff learned strategies to connect more effectively with others, build stronger teams, and improve workplace productivity.

Managers and supervisors attend the Working Together Workshop with their team members, however they were also involved in a Leadership Development Program that was delivered in three days over the course of the month.

The Bulloo Shire Council Leadership Development Program provided managers and supervisors with the personal insight, skills, knowledge and attributes they need to successfully lead others in the workplace.

With 98 per cent of the workforce attending the workshops the feedback from all staff was extremely positive.

Feedback included: “Very professional, insightful and great team building”; “Great insight into team work dynamics”; and “Well worth
the whole day”.