Daily reporting helps prevent incidents

Logan City Council (LCC) in southeast Queensland is reporting incident information more frequently to assist communication across the organisation.

The process involves a simple email to the Executive Leadership Team, Managers and Program Leaders each day as a ‘Daily Incident Update’.

Prior to 9am each morning the Health and Safety Program issue the list of all incidents that are recorded in their electronic database within the last 24 hours or from Friday through to Monday.  

This sharing of information in this format allows people managers, who may not be across every event that has occurred across the organisation, an opportunity to see what was happening in other areas and to identify if similar things could occur in their work area.

The information can also be used to share at safety committee meetings, safe act observations, safety conversations and with specific work areas who may operate similar pieces of plant or similar work processes.

Simon Faber, Council’s Health & Safety Program Leader said, “Having a Daily Incident Update provides an effective platform for holding discussions relating to safety in the workplace and promotes action to identify similar hazards in other work areas.  

“This is an efficient and cost effective way to share information quickly and take any necessary action to prevent further

 “An added benefit is that it has improved reporting times and the quality of reporting, which is important to ensure we can act quickly using factual accounts of incidents that have occurred.”

Information in the report includes branch, date, reported date, whether an injury, near miss or damage, who was it reported to and brief description of the event and any immediate actions taken.  

There are no personal identifiers used and there are certain incidents that are not shared where the information is of a sensitive nature such as mental illness.  

‘This is a simple method we are using to share information quickly to raise awareness of real incidents that have occurred in LCC Operations and give our Branches an opportunity to take proactive measure to prevent potential incidents from occurring in the future,” Mr Faber said.