Public Policy in Action National Reach, Local Delivery*

Local government lies at the heart of public policy that delivers public good. As the level of government closest to the people, local government is a conduit for the implementation of state and federal government policy. Local government officers have a broad range of skills encompassing service delivery, strategic planning, social planning, community development and community engagement.

Officers work with local communities to effectively tackle issues the public care about that can provide improved outcomes for the state and commonwealth dollar.

Local government has a national reach and local delivery. Increasingly, state and federal agencies are appreciating the value of working with local government to deliver sustainable public policy.

Through local government, public policy is made visible and desired outcomes are realised. The multi-dimensional approach of local government is reflected in the professional development courses and academic qualifications offered by the University of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government (UTS:CLG). Students explore the role of local government in public policy through the lenses of local, federal and international local government. New ideas are applied that enable local government to shape, as well as implement, public policy that delivers public value at the local level.

The professional development courses and qualifications UTS:CLG offers could support your role and workplace. Courses and subjects include Principles and Practice of Local Government; Organising and Managing; Community Leadership Project; Contemporary Local Government Leadership; Social Planning and Community Development; and Local Environmental Management. Content can be tailored for workplace needs and delivered in-house. Learn more at

*Copy supplied by University of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government