Planning on better customer service

Article image - Planning on better customer service The Shire’s new Counter Planner, Leigh Northwood, at the Mornington Office.

Mornington Peninsula Shire in Victoria is further improving planning processes by introducing a dedicated pre-application service.

The Shire stacks up well on a Victorian state average in terms of planning applications processed per month (71 percent versus 64 percent), but it is looking to further enhance the process.

A dedicated Counter Planner position was recently added to the Shire’s team to provide the pre-application service.

The Counter Planner is available for appointments to provide valuable pre-application advice to our community prior to the lodgement of planning applications and other planning related matters.

This will enable applicants to discuss their proposal in detail, gain advice, and have opportunity to make any changes to their application prior to submission in line with Council’s requirements.

This service is expected to result in a more efficient processing of planning applications due to the discussion and negotiation happening at the start of the process.

The community can make a 45-minute appointment with the Counter Planner to discuss proposals or other related planning enquiries through a dedicated appointment schedule.