Repair flood damaged roads*

Use PolyCom to repair damaged roads quickly and easily.

Parts of New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria have borne the brunt of weeks of heavy rain. The prospect of roads being washed away is of major concern, with shires expected to struggle to afford to rebuild them quickly. But there is a simple solution many councils have already built into their road management plan.

While Victoria breathes a sigh of relief as the flood threat to homes eases, some parts of central NSW have suffered extensive damage after more than three weeks of significant rainfall. Areas of inland NSW are likely to be declared a natural disaster zone, which means disaster assistance will be available for communities affected by the floods.

But the cost to repair road networks is likely to far outweigh the financial relief provided by the government.

Some councils and shires, having been here before, have hit the ground running with a fast and cost-effective way to rejuvenate flood-damaged roads. Built into their road management plan is PolyCom Stabilising Aid, a road maintenance solution that enables road crews to fix the existing road during flood repair maintenance without bringing in new materials. The very nature of PolyCom ensures these roads last longer, building more resilience into the in-situ materials against rain and traffic.

Councils already using PolyCom can see that the PolyCom-treated roads have the integrity to resist flood damage, where other roads suffer extensive scouring and shoulder and table drain damage after significant rain.

From black dirt to materials with a high clay content, PolyCom will rejuvenate flood damaged roads and make them stronger than ever.
To speak to a Council near you about their success with PolyCom Stabilising Aid, contact Earthco projects at or call 1800 790 907
*Copy supplied by Earthco