Constable care keeps city safe

Article image - Constable care keeps city safe Constable Care and Max Cattalini at a City of Melville safety event.

Constable Care will continue to spread safety education messages to schools across Melville, following another Memorandum of Understanding signed between the City and the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.

The City and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation (CCCSF) have had a longstanding community partnership and since January 2013 over 14,500 Constable Care performances have been delivered to children and young people in the City of Melville.

In the 2015-2016 financial year alone, 51 theatre-in-education performances were delivered to local primary and high schools, translating to over 4500 children aged between four and 17 years.

As a not-for-profit community-based charity, the purpose of the CCCSF is to prevent harm to children, young people and the community through theatre-in-education programs and community services that raise awareness, change attitudes and behaviours and prevent or reduce harm.

With the 2016-2017 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) now in place between the City and the CCCSF, the sponsorship ensures local schools will once again be able to access Constable Care performances and theatre-in-education programs at no cost to the school.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said that in addition to children enjoying Constable Care performances, evaluations completed previously by the CCCSF indicated there was a significant positive change in students’ knowledge and attitude towards the topics addressed at the performances.

“There has also been positive feedback from teachers regarding the educational and engagement value of the programs delivered, and overall there is strong community support for the Constable Care program,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“Everyone in the community has a role to play in creating a Safer Melville, even our children, and the Constable Care program is wonderful in that it connects, informs and empowers our young people to rethink behaviours, consider consequences and look after themselves and hopefully each other.”