Centralising records for increased efficiency*

Article image - Centralising records for increased efficiency*

Moyne Shire is achieving efficient, centralised records and document management with MAGIQ Documents.

Moyne Shire Council in southwest Victoria has implemented a single, centralised electronic records and documents repository using MAGIQ Documents, to deliver improved business efficiency and data security.

Moyne Shire is located in the Barwon South West region, around 290 kilometres west of Melbourne. The shire has a population of more than 16,000 people and is one of the states most productive and enterprising agricultural regions.  

Tourism is also a significant contributor to the local economy, particularly in the coastal township of Port Fairy, which has a history as a sealing and whaling port dating back to the early 1800s. Today the town is a popular seaside holiday destination with the local community tripling to upwards of 20,000 people during peak season.

The MAGIQ Documents eDRMS is a web-based, fully integrated suite of electronic document and records management software.  The overall simplicity and intuitive design of the software means it is very easy for staff to use and learn, which leads to excellent take-up and adoption.

Moyne Shire recently implemented a single, central electronic records and documents repository using their existing MAGIQ Documents system. Prior to this documents and records were stored across the organisation in a number of disparate network directories and database structures.

According to Joanne Brozinski, Information & Administrative Services Co-ordinator, Moyne Shire Council a single, central repository that everyone is using delivers enormous benefits to Council.

“Locating and accessing corporate information used to be a very time-consuming and frustrating process and this impacted on our customer service levels.

“Now with all information stored and maintained centrally, staff can efficiently access and retrieve the documents they need to complete their daily tasks.

“The MAGIQ Documents full text search capabilities are fantastic and really flexible. Finding records or documents is now much easier and we have far greater confidence that everyone is accessing the latest, most accurate information,” said Joanne.

In her role as the Shire’s Information & Administration Services Co-ordinator, Joanne is required to complete Freedom of Information searches and she commented that the new system makes this process much more efficient.

“Using MAGIQ Documents I am more confident that I have access to all of the information available; I don’t have to search through multiple directories and this makes the task much more efficient.”

Secure storage of the organisation’s corporate information is another benefit the Shire has recognised. The MAGIQ Documents system is regularly backed-up and a central repository significantly reduces the risk of lost or misplaced information.

According to Joanne her business relationship with the MAGIQ Documents team is an important and enjoyable part of her role at Council.

“The MAGIQ Helpdesk is second to none. The whole team are always very helpful and I can ring and speak to them anytime. It’s nice to know I can ask any question at all and I’ll always get a quick and friendly answer.”
*Copy supplied by MAGIQ