At-call kerbside collections management processes* has recently introduced best practise cloud systems for “At Call” hard-waste collections, allowing residents to book their own collections on council branded self-service portals just like booking rooms in a hotel. Bookings can be limited to day of week per collection or map area or suburb as well as to the operational capacity of how many trucks are available on each date given the number of jobs each truck can handle per day.

Resident addresses can be limited to a number of free collections per year per property type (SUDS/MUDS) and different waste streams can be selected in the one booking, with clear advice on what items are acceptable or prohibited. Automated booking acknowledgement emails to requestors, and subsequent email “put-out” reminders help streamline the communications process, minimising administration effort.

Bookings can then be geocoded within map boundaries then auto-assigned efficiently by default route area to respective collection vehicles or contractors, who can use route-optimising best practise to minimise travel distance across and between collection points. This improves operation efficiency and reduces fuel usage while maximising collection capacity.

Collection teams can then use’s smart phone or tablet apps to help drivers navigate from job to job and capture “before-and-after” kerbside pictures as proof of service.  These can be viewed on council or contractor worklist web portals along with collection statistics or problem waste notes.

Terry Daley from notes, “These best practise end-to-end software-supported processes reduce council call-centre staff workloads while improving customer responsiveness”.
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*Copy supplied by Wastedge