Council grows it own

Article image - Council grows it own Daniel Dendle started as a labourer at Council-managed Fitzroy River Water, now he leads the team.

Rockhampton Regional Council in Queensland is helping staff members advance their careers.

Daniel Dendle can still remember the first time he walked through the gates and into the Fitzroy River Water (FRW) workshop.
It was 2001 and Daniel, 24 at the time, had taken a role as a labourer with FRW.

“I remember the feeling, that it was all a little bit daunting,” Daniel said. “But everyone was so good and just made me feel really welcome.”

Daniel’s hard work and ability to work in a team have helped him advance his career.

Recently, he was appointed to the role of FRW Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, where he oversees a team of six that looks after some of the Region’s key assets and infrastructure.

Fitzroy River Water is the commercialised business unit of Rockhampton Regional Council and is responsible for operating and maintaining water and sewerage assets throughout the Region.

Daniel’s story is one of many instances where Council has “grown its own” and reflects the organisation’s ongoing commitment to developing people.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Evan Pardon has recently embarked on a new cultural development initiative to ensure there are many more staff success stories, into the future.

Daniel said after starting as a labourer in 2001 he applied for an apprentice fitter role in 2003 and was successful.

In 2007, he completed his apprenticeship and was retained at FRW as a mechanical fitter. Now he leads the team.

Daniel said he enjoys his work: “It’s hands-on, which is good and there’s a lot of variety in what we do.

“It’s a good place to be in and around because we do have good people.”

Mr Pardon said it was pleasing to see Daniel’s career progression.
He said Council would continue to provide opportunities, with one of the key aims of the new cultural development initiative to ensure staff had the right support to achieve their goals and rise through the ranks.