A new brand of leaders arise

Article image - A new brand of leaders arise Holdfast Bay’s ARISing Stars benefit from mentoring and collaboration in the lead up to the LGMA Management Challenge.

The City of Holdfast Bay in South Australia is strengthening its capabilities by investing in future leaders.

In late 2015, the City’s Leadership Team commenced a process to determine the capabilities and key behaviour indicators required to be a leader within the organisation.  

Following a series of workshops, the new leadership brand, ‘Leaders ARISE’, was established.

The charter underpinning the Leaders ARISE program is: “Our Leaders build relationships, empower others, embrace challenges and deliver on our promises.”

The specific leadership capabilities, which are being embedded in Holdfast Bay’s performance development review system, include: accepting accountability; positive relationship building; leading innovation and change; adopting a strategic focus; and the ability to empower others.

City of Holdfast Bay Chief Executive Officer, Mr Justin Lynch, said leadership works at an individual, team and organisational level.

“Leaders work across every level of an organisation, and must embrace unprecedented levels of complexity and ownership in today’s business world, so it’s critical that we invest in our future leaders by identifying them early on, nurturing their progress and supporting their evolution.”

The first Leaders ARISE program, ‘ARISing Stars’, commenced in July.

Aimed at emerging and future leaders and incorporating the LGMA Management Challenge, the program is working to build and strengthen leadership capabilities across Council.

“Importantly, our ARISing Stars program will enable participants to explore and achieve a more cohesive understanding of what it means to be a leader in Holdfast Bay, including values, behaviours, capabilities, roles and responsibilities,” said Mr Lynch.

“It will also focus on developing self-awareness and self-leadership.”
The ARISing Stars formal learning modules are directly linked to the Leaders ARISE capabilities, and aim to build participants’ skills in the areas of service delivery, technical delivery, and middle or executive management.

“By identifying and investing in future leaders early in their careers, we will strengthen their commitment and contribution to Holdfast Bay’s culture and strategic objectives, which will ultimately enhance our capacity to serve our community,” said Mr Lynch.