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SportsTurf Consultants (Australia) P/L has joined the STRI Group and is now part of the largest sports surface consultancy and research business in the world. With offices in UK, Qatar and Australia, our clients and our influence span the globe. Our clients include some of the world’s most iconic sporting venues and tournaments in addition to over a thousand small to medium sized sports facilities, local authorities and governing bodies.

Municipal council departments are heavily involved in providing recreation facilities to enable community involvement in physical activities. The planning and provision of sporting areas and playing fields is a major responsibility and requires the allocation of large amounts of funds.

While high quality grass playing fields are the normal expectation of the community, it is essential that the community is made aware that the playing surface is not indestructible. It must be properly constructed and then adequately maintained, and the amount of use needs to be monitored so that these very costly assets are not damaged.

SportsTurf has developed services that support municipal managers not only in the design, construction and maintenance of playing fields, but also in predicting the number of sporting teams that can be accommodated on a sportsfield.

Design Services:
SportsTurf has worked with a number of municipalities to upgrade and redevelop local and regional sportsfields to suit the local communities.

These services cover:

  • site assessment
  • contour & feature survey
  • design of new surface shape, soil profile, drainage and irrigation systems
  • preparation of documentation for competitive tendering
  • involvement in tender assessment and
  • project management – supervision of works to ensure compliance with specifications.

Other SportsTurf services include:

  • sportsfield usage
  • sportsground condition audit
  • sportsground safety audit
  • sportsground features audit
  • sportsground dimensions

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