Sculpting accessible art

Article image - Sculpting accessible art The annual sand sculpture event on the Frankston waterfront has injected an estimated $100 million into the local economy.

Frankston City Council is building on its reputation for stunning beachside sculpture by implementing a new collection of public artworks.

Since the first annual Sand Sculpting Australia exhibition opened in 2007, sand sculpture has become synonymous with the Frankston waterfront.

The event has been a huge driver of tourism to the area, clocking over a million visitors.

Council, in partnership with Sculpture by the Sea, is soon to roll out a series of approximately 10 sculptures to be installed across many of Frankston’s popular public spaces.  

Mayor Dooley said Frankston City’s new sculpture collection would feature an eclectic series of works that the community is welcome to enjoy in picturesque locations, ranging from the waterfront to parks, community centres and libraries. “This initiative makes art more accessible to the Frankston community,” said the Mayor.

“Sculptures will become an iconic attraction of Frankston and reach a new market of local, interstate and international visitors.”

A permanent home on the Frankston waterfront is closer to becoming a reality for Sand Sculpting Australia, with a planning application recently lodged.

Mayor Dooley said the opportunity for all year round operation would expand the visitor economy, employment and levels of leisure tourism to Frankston and regions beyond.

“Whilst there is still due process to follow, we have been happy to work collaboratively with its operators Sandstorm Events to discuss opportunities for the event’s continued success, which has been beneficial for the entire region – having injected over 100 million dollars into the local economy and providing over 50 casual summer jobs each year.”

Frankston is increasingly a destination for arts and culture, with more than 163,000 people visiting the Arts Centre and 130,000 people visiting McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery every year.

“These are more exciting attractions to ensure the continued growth of arts and culture throughout Frankston,” said the Mayor.