Future Directions - By Bridget Johnstone, Tourism & Community Development Officer, District Council of Cleve

Article image - Future Directions - By Bridget Johnstone, Tourism & Community Development Officer, District Council of Cleve

As a tourist, the District Council of Cleve is a panoramic gold mine. From the Darke Peak ranges, to luscious green crops, to the white sandy beaches at Arno Bay, there is something visually pleasing for everyone. Aligning the Cleve township with the ‘Clean and Green’ image and adding value to the beauty our local environment provides is an ongoing development the council has been
working towards.

The District Council of Cleve was successful in obtaining $82,196 in funding from the State Government’s Local Government Stimulus Program in 2014, for the street scaping and redevelopment of the Fourth Street area between First Street & Main Street, Cleve.

The project involved the excavation of all existing vegetation to allow for the installation of subsurface irrigation throughout. Subsurface irrigation is required to enable the use of treated effluent to irrigate the area and reuse wastewater, which effectively drought proofs the project.

The Eyre Peninsula region is known for hot and dry summer months and mains water restrictions in the future are possible. This project successfully allows the council to plan for the future and ensure the sustainability of the area, as well as provide the community and tourists with an outdoor leisure or rest area.

The redevelopment area provides additional seating, shade and is protected from passing traffic by bollards connected with Perspex style windbreak panels. These panels display local town names to represent the region.

The installation of garden beds and associated plantings, semi mature trees and generous lawned areas add to the beauty of the area. The Cleve Township sign is a rock sculpture design and includes a LED panel, which can display the time, temperature, as well as short display messages. The township also has various speakers in which a local radio station is playing, to enhance our main shopping precinct. The total project cost $168,000 with over fifty percent funded by the council.

Due to the tight timeframe between the grant application, notification and acceptance, and the works required to be carried out – public consultation was very limited. Many sections of the public were concerned or may not have been receptive to the process in which the works were being completed; however since the redevelopment project the council has received nothing but positive feedback from the community.

The redevelopment is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a functional backdrop for various community events each year. The Fourth Street redevelopment is a valuable asset in regards to community development and tourism in our District.