First free disc golf park for South Australia

Article image - First free disc golf park for South Australia Photo probably too small: Disc Golf uses a course similar to traditional golf, but players throw a Frisbee shaped disc from a tee to a target.

The Disc Golf craze has taken off in South Australia and the state’s first free park was recently opened in Tintinara.

In a major investment into the country town – located on the Dukes Highway between Adelaide and Melbourne – the Coorong District Council has teamed with its local OPAL team, the Disc Golf SA Association and several community groups to construct and open the unique course.

Launched in May this year, the course at Tintinara is set around the picturesque Lake Indawarra precinct. The nine-hole course – the only one of its kind in South Australia – has 18 tee off points and has been designed for both beginner and more advanced players.

Coorong District Council Mayor Neville Jaensch said the Council’s initial focus was to provide a new recreational space for people to be active, and to also encourage people travelling along the major Highway to stop and have some fun in Tintinara.

“While we know local people will get plenty of use out of the course, it has already attracted plenty of attention,” Mayor Jaensch said.
“We were particularly excited, when the SA Disc Golf Association hosted its 2016 Open Championships there earlier this year.

“In a boost for Tintinara, the event saw more than half the competitors come from interstate and we’ve been informed the Association will host further events and training activities at the course.

“Further, the Tintinara Heart of The Parks information centre has thrown its support behind the project, selling the equipment needed to play, instructions and scorecards.”

Disc Golf originated in the 1970s and is played much like traditional golf, but instead of striking a ball with a club, players throw a Frisbee shaped disc from a tee to a target. The aim of the game is to complete the course in the least number of throws. Trees, shrubs and terrain changes in and around the fairways all provide challenging obstacles for competitors.

The sport has been popular  in other States for some time now, and is now building a following in SA, in part due to the picturesque course at Tintinara. Playing the sport is simple, fun, suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and best of all is free for participants at the Tintinara course.