The popularity of the new hi-tech LUXMANN CORNEA® LED streetlights*

More and more Local Governments are adopting the new hi-tech LUXMANN CORNEA® LED streetlights, which, as was reported in our April issue, received a glowing reception when they were installed in Minjilang Arnhem Council last December and were one of only a few electronic assets to survive a lightning strike in the region.

Some of the reasons for the LUXMANN CORNEA® LED streetlights popularity:

Contact-Lens Technology. Paradigm shift in street lighting design
Designed using contact lenses, eliminating the easy to corrode reflectors and the unnecessary hoods and gaskets, the completely and totally sealed design (rated IP65/IP67) enables the use of the CORNEA® in the most demanding and harshest applications. 

Built to withstand harsh environment such as extreme heat, humidity, condensation, and rain, they are inherently designed, ‘fit-for-purpose’; tested to EN60598-2-3 and EN61347-2-13 standards to cope with the above conditions, backed with extensive data on light performance. Stainless steel 316 grade screws and mounting accessories to EN 60598-1. Climate-adaptive drivers rated to 70 degrees.

Tier 1 130 lm/w performance and Maximum Energy Savings
Offering the benefit of well-lit streets and zebra crossings with no glare for the drivers, the LUXMANN CORNEA® street lights can last up to 96,000 hours when run at 35 watts. Tier 1 quality 130 l/w performance the CORNEA® provide the highest efficiency and maximum energy savings.

This reduced energy consumption helps the environment whereas the reduced power and maintenance costs save the Councils hundreds of thousands of dollars over the streetlights’ 20 year life cycle.

Precise Directional Light Distribution. Precisely where you want it and NOT where you don’t.
With the emphasis being on street, pedestrian-crossing and footpath illumination, in order to eliminate glare and to improve the visual environment, it is imperative to direct light where light is actually needed and away from where it is not with precision and efficiency and to eliminate glare onto security cameras, residential property, travelling or stationary vehicles. The hi-tech LUXMANN CORNEA® LED streetlights offer interchangeable Lenses 45° 60° 90° 120° for all types of applications and mounting heights provide precise directional light.

Totally Eliminate Glare
To this effect, only LUXMANN CORNEA® LED luminaires incorporate COB LED field-interchangeable contact lens technology, asymmetrical lenses offering precise Optical Control and field-selectable application flexibility. They provide a safe and improved visual environment.

Designed to resist road-side vibration
The honeycomb construction means the lights have low wind resistance, making them more stable in cyclonic conditions. LUXMANN CORNEA® is the thinnest, lightest and most compact LED Street light ever built. Single piece, die-cast Aluminium, impact and vibration-resistant shell.

Rust-proof and corrosion resistant aluminium shell. 
The body is all solid, double powder-coated, rust-proof aluminium in honeycomb design resulting in a Fit-for-Purpose, die-cast body to resist road-side vibration and to provide superb heat dissipation.

Vandal Proof Tempered-glass lenses are vandal-proof. No plexiglass, cracking, no browning.

Eliminate Maintenance - A maintenance and logistics bliss, the totally sealed design means no hoods, no gaskets, no condensation, no bugs and no dirt. As well, the hi-tech LUXMANN CORNEA® LED streetlights are basically self-cleaning as rain water runs through the shell and they are self-cooling. Plug and Play on existing pole infrastructure

Solar Power-Ready
As well, the LUXMANN CORNEA® street lights Solar Power ready for an instant path towards a partially or totally solar-driven system.

5 year unconditional warranty is standard (10 year optional)

*Copy supplied by LUXMANN CORNEA®