Paving the way to better roads

Article image - Paving the way to better roads Barry Macey testing out the driverís seat in Isaac Regional Councilís new Komatsu GD655 Grader with Monique Moore, Paul Webber, Rohan Farimbella, Mitchell Crow (Komatsu), Bill Halls, Robert Winley, John Frater (Komatsu).

Isaac Regional Council’s road operations have received an efficiency boost with the purchase of three new graders equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

The purpose built Komatsu GD655 Graders will be used to maintain unsealed roads throughout Isaac, joining the fleet in Dysart, St Lawrence and Clermont.

Deputy Mayor and chair of the Roads, Depots, Plant and Fleet Advisory Committee, Councillor Geoff Bethel said the GPS technology would improve efficiency and worker safety.

“The graders are equipped with KOMTRAX which is a GPS system that can keep track of where the graders are and what work they are doing.

“With our crews often working in isolation, the technology will improve driver safety allowing us to pinpoint exactly where the grader is, in case of emergency.

“The system will help Council to monitor fuel efficiency and will allow for precise calculation of job times.

“The advanced engine management system will notify Council if faults are present and identify exactly when the machine needs servicing.

“This will result in less down time due to proactive planned maintenance.”

Cr Bethel said the new graders are part of plan to create a sustainable fleet.

“Council aims to upgrade aging machinery over the next three to five years.”