Mobile technology helps workflow

Article image - Mobile technology helps workflow The application is helping a number of Council teams, including Roads Infrastructure and Routine Maintenance.

South Gippsland Shire Council is utilising mobile technology to make its operations run smoother and better assist its community.

The regional Victorian council has developed its own customised app to record the daily activities of infrastructure work crews.

The data is integrated into existing workflow systems, improving efficiency, security and accountability, and ultimately resulting in increased productivity, better risk management and improved OH&S.

Implemented over a year ago, the mobile computing solution has been refined to meet the growing needs of a variety of teams – from Construction, Roads Infrastructure and Routine Maintenance.

Crews currently input the data onto iPads, with a plan to compliment these with smartphones, making it even easier to handle out in the field.

Asset Management Systems Officer, Wendy Ollington, said the new technology has not only significantly reduced paperwork, but also provided Council with data that simply didn’t exist previously – improving transparency and accountability.

“The system assists in cutting operating costs to a minimum, with no impact to our level of service to ratepayers,” said Ms Ollington.

“The system assists with road and environment inspections and helps crews manage activities such as road maintenance and construction.
“In addition, public liability exposure is reduced through the availability of full audit trails.”

The data collected is shared throughout departments, generating plant journals, timesheets and safe work methods.

This accurate information means Council can manage and coordinate its resources and operations to its full potential.

Once enough data is collected, it’s anticipated that comprehensive reports will be compiled that will assist Council in making more informed decisions.