Mainmark helps address flood mitigation*

Article image - Mainmark helps address flood mitigation*

Concrete deterioration is a common challenge in the management of sewerage and waste water infrastructure, caused by ongoing exposure to harsh chemicals and gases associated with these environments.

As part of the North Rockhampton Flood Mitigation Project, Rockhampton Regional Council was looking for a cost-effective solution to improve the structural integrity of access chambers and manholes.

Deteriorating concrete had caused many of the manholes to crack, partially collapse or be permeated by tree roots. During heavy rain, waste water and sewerage systems became overloaded, impeding the proper movement of waste and the access of maintenance crews to clear blockages. Furthermore, the council was looking to refurbish rather than excavate and rebuild the access chambers to help save costs.

The council engaged Mainmark, a leader in providing ground engineering and asset preservation services for local governments, to apply ENCAP6, a technologically advanced, spray-on corrosion protection system for revitalising ageing concrete and steel infrastructure. Unlike many epoxy and polyurea lining systems, the patented ENCAP6 products chemically bond to concrete and steel substrates to deliver superior long-term protection.  ENCAP6 was applied to more than 150 concrete manholes and access chambers.

According to Evan Davison, Coordinator Network Operations for Fitzroy River Water at Rockhampton Regional Council, “Mainmark allowed us to address a challenge that many local governments face and one that has long been without any viable solutions.

ENCAP6 is formulated using a high quality vinyl ester resin that has excellent chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability. The resin is infused with specially treated 12-micron glass microfibres less than 1/2mm in length for exceptional structural performance, and loaded with coupling agents and adhesion promoters.

It has a flexural strength of 140Mpa (compared to an average concrete flexural strength of 25Mpa). When applied with a traditional glass laminate, it has a flexural strength of 280Mpa.  Using ENCAP6 to rehabilitate ageing concrete and steel infrastructure can eliminate the need to reconstruct existing assets, helping to reduce capital replacement and labour costs.

“ENCAP6 is a cost-effective alternative to rebuilding infrastructure and has delivered exceptional structural performance, longevity and a warranty that far exceeds other applications. It proved a versatile solution that could be applied to a range of different environments without disruption to normal operations,” said Mr Davison.

Mainmark also offers a modern and reliable method for rehabilitating pressure pipelines without digging trenches. Primus line® uses a flexible, high-pressure hose and a specially-developed connection technique to restore water, gas, chemical, or oil pipelines without compromising on hydraulic pressure.

Mainmark recently completed a successful upgrade of 3.8 metre stretch of Lismore City Council’s water main in just two days, extending its service life by at least 50 years.  Short rehabilitation times and rapid recommissioning make Primus Line® an exceptionally cost-effective alternative to open pipe rehabilitation and pipe relining.

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