Ancestral stories shared over breakfast

Article image - Ancestral stories shared over breakfast Members of the ALGWA board at the NGA breakfast.

The Lord Mayor of Darwin Katrina Fong Lim enthralled the packed annual Australian Local Government Women’s Association (ALGWA) breakfast at the National General Assembly.

Mayor Lim told the audience about her background and how she became the Lord Mayor of Darwin.

“Mayor Lim is the Chair of the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors and the President of the ALGWA Northern Territory branch,” said Councillor Coral Ross, National President of ALGWA.

“She told us about her maternal and paternal ancestors, how they settled in Darwin and some of the hurdles they faced on the way, including discrimination against her grandmother and how other relatives were called ‘aliens’.

“It was an amazing story. Her father was also the Lord Mayor of Darwin. As Lord Mayor she needs the most Northern Territory votes to be elected after the two Federal Senate representatives – more than the First Minister.”

ALGWA NT and the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGAT) have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding. After her presentation Mayor Lim signed the MoU together with Mayor Damien Ryan, President of LGAT.

“It is wonderful to see a State Association working closely with ALGWA to support women in local government,” said Cr Ross.
Retiring President of the Local Government Association of Queensland Margaret de Witt was also acknowledged and presented with a small gift at the breakfast. Mrs De Witt did not stand at the recent Queensland Council elections. She stepped down after 19 years at Brisbane City Council – the longest serving female councillor on the largest Council in Australia. She was also the first woman President of LGAQ in its 120 year history.

“Margaret is a great role model and has been a great supporter of women and ALGWA,” said Cr Ross. “She will be missed and we wish her well in her life after local government.”