Local stories told online*

Article image - Local stories told online*

The City of Greater Bendigo, Victoria is encouraging residents and visitors to upload stories about their neighbourhoods to the new ‘My Local Neighbourhood’ feature on Community Compass.

Community Compass is an online mapping service that appears on the home page of the City’s website or can be found at http://www.pozi.com/bendigo

‘My Local Neighbourhood’ allows people to update the map with information about local groups, places and events that are important to them or their community using the categories ‘Get active’, ‘Get creative’ and ‘Get involved’.

The aim of the new tool according to the City Strategy Manager, Trevor Budge, is to develop an online asset that tells people all of the resources available to them within a 10 minute walk or cycle from home. It will show just how close and accessible these places of interest are.

Using up to 255 characters to describe a certain location people are encouraged to go beyond saying a place is ‘great’ or ‘fantastic’ and personalise their story by saying how a place makes them feel and why they like to visit there, Mr Budge explained.

“Similarly, community groups may like to make the most of the new feature to promote events or activities.”

Stories and photos can be added to the site simply using the interactive map to pinpoint the location. Once posted, the story goes through an approval process before being made accessible to the public.

*Copy supplied by Groundtruth