Pipes granted 100-year life span

Article image - Pipes granted 100-year life span The pipe re-lining in progress.

Willoughby Council has recently used innovative technology to complete a $2million makeover of 2.5km of underground stormwater pipes.

Pipes were in need of major repairs across the suburbs of Willoughby, Chatswood, Chatswood West, Artarmon and Northbridge.
Innovative ‘trenchless technology’ was used to reline the majority of stormwater pipes from the inside, sealing holes and other damage without the pipes having to be entirely replaced.

This process guarantees the life of the pipes for at least another 100 years.

Re-lining versus replacement also means less disruption to residents and roads, and is three to four times less expensive.

CCTV cameras sent down the pipes were used to identify areas of damage.

The stormwater pipe works are just one project funded by Willoughby Council’s Infrastructure Levy introduced in 2015 to ensure Willoughby’s $760million worth of community assets are maintained in quality condition for the future, as well as combatting an average annual asset renewal backlog of $5.4million.

In its first year, the Infrastructure Levy will fund more than $4.5million worth of works to buildings, parks, playgrounds and sporting fields, stormwater pipes, footpaths and bridges.