Different ways of utilising PolyCom Stabilising Aid on unsealed roads*

Reducing re-sheet costs with PolyCom Stabilising Aid is the answer to cost-effective, efficient unsealed road management.

You can rehabilitate the existing road materials with PolyCom, building a stronger pavement without importing expensive new materials. This is achieved by treating the material that exists on-site and mixing recovered material from table drains, as well as re-shaping the road to facilitate drainage.

The end result is the removal of the cost of importing new material. In addition, the PolyCom will generate a road that is stronger, less slippery and requires four to six times less maintenance grading than before it was treated. Major savings on gravel carting and purchase are available with this method as well as reduced maintenance requirements.

Alternatively when new quarry materials are required to maintain the level of the pavement, treating the re-sheet material with PolyCom enables road crews to reduce the thickness of new gravel by at least half, and create a road that will reduce maintenance grading by four to six times.  

Councils can save resources by applying PolyCom to new re-sheet material during standard road maintenance, reducing the need for future grading interventions whilst maintaining higher quality road performance standards and more satisfied ratepayers.

Significant cost advantages are available with both of the above methods with very minor changes to work practices.

PolyCom distributors offer on site guidance and advice to your road maintenance and construction crews, and work closely with your people to train and educate them on how to obtain the best results from our innovative road rejuvenation product.

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*Copy supplied by EarthCo