Castle toilets a hit with young residents

Article image - Castle toilets a hit with young residents AlburyCity Deputy Mayor David Thurley and Daryl, 4, who cut the ribbon to open the castle toilets.

When AlburyCity decided to build toilets in its popular Children’s Gardens, staff decided that a brick block for the loos just would not do.

Instead, the Council decided to employ an artist to design a castle-themed toilet block – adorned with lizards and gargoyles and housing a child’s toilet, an adult’s toilet, a change table, an outside drinking fountain, hand washbasins and an outside seat.

Artist James Cattell, who created separate dinosaur sculptures in the Children’s Garden, designed the castle to take inspiration from famous Spanish architect Gaudi.

A basic concrete shell was built and the castle was created on top. The cost to build the toilets was $225,000.

AlburyCity Deputy Mayor David Thurley praised everyone involved in the project and said they had embraced “the child within” to deliver something special for the children of Albury.

“It’s lovely to see the team that has worked on this is aged from their early 60s down to their late 40s. They have brought a lifetime of experience to this project and it has awakened a childlike enthusiasm in them,” Councillor Thurley said.

He said it was good to provide separate toilets in the Children’s Garden, but it was great to be able to make it a fun, interesting place for Albury’s youngest residents.

“This is not just a toilet block,” said Cr Thurley, “It’s a work of art.”
An estimated 370,000 people visit the Albury Botanic Gardens every year and of those, about 50,000 of those use the Children’s Gardens.