Protecting parklands

Article image - Protecting parklands

Adelaide City Council has collaborated with the State Government to protect parkland areas from development.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese has worked closely with key members of South Australian Parliament’s Upper House to ensure the Adelaide Park Lands are protected within the proposed changes to the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill 2015.

As a result of this advocacy, and the actions of Hon Mark Parnell MLC in particular, Council has averted the State Government from gaining additional, wide-ranging powers to build infrastructure on the Park Lands.

Amendments passed by the Upper House preserve the current process, ensuring all proposals in the Park Lands are subject to a full and robust assessment including any necessary public consultation. .

Throughout the process, Adelaide City Council has sought amendments to the Bill that would carry over existing provisions in the current Development Act into the new Act. These existing provisions ensure appropriate checks and balances are in place during assessment of any proposed development on the Park Lands.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the outcome, which is a good one for the Park Lands, was the result of much hard work and discussion behind the scenes.

“The Park Lands are of vital significance to everyone in South Australia, but especially to the Adelaide City Council as custodians of the land, and we take our role seriously in ensuring any development on the Park Lands is appropriate in its nature.

“I am very pleased the Upper House has agreed with Council’s position on protecting the Park Lands for now and for future generations.

“The Hon Mark Parnell MLC should be congratulated for listening to Council’s concerns, tabling the amendments and negotiating their adoption in the Upper House on our behalf.

“Future potential developments on the Park Lands must be in the best interests of the people who use the spaces. As we see more people choosing to move into the CBD and near the CBD over the coming years, the Park Lands will become of even greater importance as a big backyard to many, and a key attraction to others.

“Through Council’s draft Park Lands Management Strategy, we are working with the community to ensure appropriate community facilities are in place to encourage further use of the Park Lands and all that it has to offer,” he said.

The Bill now exempts development within the Adelaide Park Lands from being declared by the Minister to be impact-assessed development or assessed as essential infrastructure or Crown development.

Other elements of the proposed Bill are still being debated and further amendments, unrelated to the Park Lands, are anticipated.