Free wi-fi a boon for tourists

Waratah-Wynyard Council has launched two new free wi-fi hotspots, enticing visitors to stay longer.

Waratah-Wynyard Council Mayor, Robby Walsh, said the new hotspots in Waratah and Somerset follow the installation of a successful hotspot in Wynyard’s Civic Square two years ago.

“With Waratah becoming a popular tourism destination the Council decided that it was a good idea to establish free public wi-fi in the main hub of the town,” Mayor Walsh said.

“The uptcoming refurbishment of the Somerset CBD will also entice people to stay in the area for longer, which will no doubt be complemented by this service.”

Mayor Walsh said the wi-fi at Waratah centred on access to the Rural Transaction Centre, camping ground and the Athenaeum Hall.

Access to the Somerset wi-fi is available in the Somerset Mall on Elizabeth Street, next to the Hygenic Butcher on Wragg Street.

“This service will help people to get online and send photos from the area as well as find information on local attractions and
other information.”

“With more and more people now using smart phones and other devices, it is a bonus for them to then be able to use free wi-fi in major centres.”

As a way to promote the new hotspots, Council has asked those on social media to check in on their phones and take a photo while they were utilising the free wi-fi.

Council has asked anyone on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr to use the hashtag #waratahwifi or #somersetwifi.

“The wi-fi hotspots cost about $10,000 to set up, with an annual cost of about $1500 per year.”