Emerging Transport Technologies: Assessing impacts and implications for the City of Melbourne

Article image - Emerging Transport Technologies: Assessing impacts and implications for the City of Melbourne

The transport sector is currently undergoing its most rapid transformation in decades. Disruptive transport technologies, such as App based ride sourcing platforms (e.g. Uber), innovations in car sharing, real time public transport information and autonomous vehicles are set to change travel behaviour in our cities over the next five – ten years.

The Institute for Sensible Transport was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to explore the impacts and implications these transport technologies may have on Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne, as the economic, cultural and transport hub of Victoria is at the centre of these innovations. The report represents the first known exercise by a local government in Australia to directly explore the impacts and opportunities presented by the rapidly advancing field known as the disruptive transport sector. The report describes the types of emerging transport technologies currently available, as well as significant trends and future possibilities. This provides the foundation for exploring the policy actions the City of Melbourne can take to harness the opportunities presented by emerging transport technologies.

The report demonstrates that emerging transport technologies are set to profoundly transform cities, transport behaviour and urban life. These technologies will support the strategic directions of Council, potentially helping to create a greener, more prosperous city that better manages the demands of growth with the need to enhance liveability. These desirable outcomes are unlikely to occur without the creation of the right set of policy signals however.

The City of Melbourne is ideally positioned to take a leadership role that embraces new transport technologies and influences government to create the connected, creative, eco-city that it aspires to be. Further information is available from the Institute for Sensible Transport: sensibletransport.org.au