Designing and constructing public buildings*

GR Design & Construct is Australia’s premier manufacturer of standard and customised engineered structures and buildings for the public sector.

Andrew Gunnersen, director of GR Design & Construct, said, “We have distributed a large range of outdoor products throughout New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria for more than ten years.

“We specialise in outdoor shelters, public restrooms, access structures, pedestrian bridges and commercial furniture.

“Our structures are made to order to meet specific typography and design requirements.

“Our products are designed to fulfill the needs of councils, government sectors, sporting clubs, schools, commercial development and the public sector in general.”

GR Design & Construct products are produced according to quality standards to maintain the highest durability and safety levels.
“New designs are always being developed to provide the market with innovative and cost-effective solutions.”

The company also has a focus on environmental sustainability. “We are committed to caring for our environment, both natural and man made to the best of our ability.

“We will minimise the use of consumables, especially water and energy having regard to their impact and we will refrain from discharging hazardous materials into the air, ground or water.”

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*copy supplied by GR Design & Construct