Transparent finances

In a bid to enhance transparency, Warringah Council has begun updating its financial and project data online every month.

The public is now able to view updates on how much capital works programs are costing and read commentary about how Council is tracking against its delivery program.

Monthly online updates are available on: the progress of key initiatives and projects; operating expenditure; and operating income.

Mayor of Warringah, Councillor Michael Regan said, “This is another step towards our goal of becoming the most transparent local Council in Australia.

“We began by publishing our annual budgets and strategic plans online and allowing customers to drill down into the financial details.

“Now, we’re going a step further by publishing our financials every month with commentary about how we’re progressing.”

General Manager, Rik Hart, said Council’s financial record could withstand this newfound public scrutiny.

“I’m proud to be announcing this initiative because it shows that we are not only giving the community the transparency they desire, but also that our financial situation is good enough to be open to such intense scrutiny.”

Deputy General Manager, Environment, Malcolm Ryan, said the publishing of monthly data is demanding technical and cultural changes.

“All staff members and managers are now required to be accountable to the community and there is no room for inefficiency.

“Everything we do is open for review. This is a big change for the local government sector.”