Stay healthy and safe

In a bid to simplify procedures and improve customer service, Maranoa Regional Council has introduced a new team, Be Healthy & Safe Maranoa.

Introduced last July, the reshaped department has linked together key areas of Council (Customer Service, Community Safety and the previously known Be Healthy Maranoa) into the Customer & Community Services department.
The change has been made to make the behind the scenes process simpler, with the ultimate aim of providing customers with a quicker response.

Mayor Robert Loughnan said with community education on health and safety matters a key part of compliance, Council’s well-known Be Healthy Maranoa program has been expanded.

“What we have now is a team that is dedicated to keeping the community up to date on compliance and health matters – two important areas for our community.

Mayor Loughnan said the Be Healthy & Safe Maranoa initiative has a focus on providing the community with information and support to help residents comply with the region’s local laws.

“In addition to community awareness and education, the ‘safety’ part of the team will be out and about across the Maranoa, responding to customer requests regarding compliance and proactively making the Maranoa the safest possible place for our residents.

“We want to help ensure that our residents are healthy and safe and continue to enjoy living in our beautiful region.”