South Australian councils want to Keep Planning Local

Article image - South Australian councils want to Keep Planning Local

South Australian Councils have backed a comprehensive agenda for the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA), including backing its “Keep Planning Local” campaign.


LGA President Mayor Davie Burgess said a united approach for Local Government was essential to represent communities across SA.


He noted that all 68 SA Councils plus Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yunkunyjatjara continue to be members of the Association.


The annual general meeting, attended by about 250 Council representatives last week, backed the LGA’s actions making a comprehensive submission on the State’s planning reform legislation backing reform but seeking to ensure greater local community input and a campaign to support the submission:


The AGM followed a Thursday conference program including leadership (Steve Vamos) Economic Outlook (David Koch) speakers, a private sector panel focus on innovation, and a debate about the merits of debt along with a call for a “New Deal” for Councils and communities from new LGA CEO Matt Pinnegar.


“The AGM gives councils the opportunity to bring to the table matters of local and across council interest and recommendations from both the AGM and Ordinary General Meeting help to drive the LGA’s work agenda.”


The Annual General Meeting of the Local Government Finance Authority (LGFA) was also held noting Councils had received $2 million in bonuses from working together through the Authority in 2013-14.