Shopping local

The Greater Hume Shire has launched a dedicated campaign to encourage residents to shop locally.

The ‘Buy Local in Greater Hume Shire’ program aims to raise awareness of the benefits of supporting local business, which include maintaining local character, generating economic activity and creating jobs and employment opportunities.

Mayor Heather Wilton said Council recognises the crucial role small businesses play in community cohesion.

“Council’s primary aim is to raise awareness in the community about the importance of shopping locally and positively influence buying behaviour to increase shopping at our local shops and businesses, and to encourage an increase in local business-to-business activity as well.”

The initiative recognises that without action, economic leakages to regional, metro or online providers will continue.

“Shopping local benefits our economies further by the multiplier effect, which in simple terms is about how many times money spent by a resident, business, or visitor circulates in the local economy and the economy generally.

“Even a small shift in consumer spending to support local businesses can have a significant impact on our local economies and employment in the shire.

“Council also views that the Buy Local in Greater Hume Shire initiative is an ideal mechanism to position Council as working for the whole of the shire and the business community.”

Over 90 businesses across the shire have joined the initiative so far.
Stage one of the campaign has involved development of the brand, installation of large external street signs, shop decals, and a car
sticker campaign.

The second stage of the initiative is currently being investigated and will include a shopper incentive program that is expected to run until the end of the year.