Report into future of ACT clubs industry released

Article image - Report into future of ACT clubs industry released

ACT Minister for Racing and Gaming, Joy Burch, has welcomed the report of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts on its Inquiry into elements impacting on the future of the ACT clubs sector.


The Committee tabled its report, with 45 recommendations, in the Legislative Assembly today.


“I thank the committee members for their hard work over the past seven months and I am particularly pleased that they have come to a tripartite agreement on the majority of the recommendations,” Ms Burch said.


“The findings and recommendations are wide-ranging and require serious consideration as the Government works with the clubs sector to ensure the financial viability of these important community assets.


“Our not-for-profit community clubs provide valuable services to our community, from sporting fields to affordable meals and a safe and welcoming place to meet.


“Last year alone, our community clubs contributed more than $12.7 million to community groups and organisations.


“However, we know that clubs face challenges, with increasing competition from other venues and declining revenues.


“The ACT Government is committed to helping clubs diversify their business models away from reliance on gaming machine revenue, and I note the Committee’s report acknowledges the work being done in this area by the Government’s Community Clubs Task Force.


“I also welcome the Committee’s recommendation to establish a cash input limit of $250 for electronic gaming machines and, once the limit is implemented, remove note denomination limits.


“My view has always been that it isn’t the colour of the notes, but rather the amount of cash you can put into a machine, that matters.


“The Government will now examine the report and its recommendations closely, and will provide a Government response to the Assembly next month.”