Procuring local success

Mount Alexander Shire Council has recently adopted an updated procurement policy, which promotes local suppliers and a uses a streamlined online tender system.

The updated policy reiterates the value of using suppliers within the region – defined as within the Shire and surrounding municipalities – and highlights the importance for businesses to register via Council’s e-procurement portal TenderSearch.

Council introduced the TenderSearch system last year to streamline the quotation and tender process for suppliers for the provision of goods, services and works.

Director Corporate Support, Lucy Roffey, said the service has been well received.

“More than 1,000 businesses have registered to our TenderSearch portal since it was launched in September last year.

“Council advertises all contracts through the portal, and registered suppliers receive automated emails when quotes and tenders in their speciality area become available.

“For local businesses interested in providing services to Council, it is vital that they register at the portal, which is accessible via our website.”

In line with legislation, Council reviews the procurement policy every financial year to maintain open and transparent processes, encourage competition and achieve best value.

Council must seek at least one quotation from a local supplier where possible. For tenders greater than $250,000, an Economic Impact Statement outlining the level of local labour, materials, plant and supervision must be submitted, for consideration when assessing closely ranked tenders.

Ms Roffey said, “Council recognises that we have many local businesses that provide good value, expertise and services to meet many of our needs.

“We also recognise that creating jobs and building the economy in the region is important with nearly one quarter of residents working in a neighbouring municipality.

“Ultimately the main point of the procurement process is to encourage open and effective competition, and assess experience and expertise to ensure the best value and outcomes.”