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Dear LG Focus,
As Mayor of the Western Downs I have seen how great, strong, and generous our communities can be during times of need and disaster. As Australians we pride ourselves on coming together to ease suffering and provide support not only to our fellow countrymen but to all the world’s citizens facing hardship and crisis.
Our region has benefited greatly from multiculturalism and we have the capability to do our small part in helping to ease the human suffering by assisting our Nation, our State and most importantly the families that have been displaced from their country through conflict and war.

Council is concerned about the welfare of the Syrian refugees currently seeking asylum from the conflict in Syria and Iraq and have undertaken initial discussions with the State Government, extending an offer to assist in the placing of up to 1500 refugees.
These discussions were only preliminary and we are currently awaiting further negotiations once additional information becomes available, but ultimately the final decision in relation to the settlement of Syrian asylum seekers in Queensland and Australia remains with the State and Federal Governments as the lead agencies in this matter.

We would like to see the refugees safely back in their own homeland eventually, and we acknowledge that the resettling of refugees in Australia will be a complex process, but I would like to see our communities come together and step forward to assist in providing Syrian families with a safe and welcoming environment.

Cr Ray Brown
Mayor Western Downs Regional Council

Dear LG Focus,
Images of the crisis in Syria and the Middle East have touched us all and it is clear that the humanitarian situation in the region is dire.  As a City we need to do what we can to help.

As Mayor, I want to ensure that those in need are looked after and that our Council can provide a voice for the vulnerable.

We stand ready to help refugees find their feet and settle into our community.

Through our close partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre and other agencies we have developed the infrastructure and capacity to welcome migrants and refugees to our community.

There is broad community support to help this group of people who are fleeing an extraordinarily deadly conflict.  I am writing to NSW Premier, Mike Baird, requesting a meeting to discuss how we can assist in welcoming refugees to the City of Ryde.

Cr Jerome Laxale
Mayor, The City of Ryde