City surveillance solutions from Bosch Security Systems*

Ensuring public security & safety.

Local governments face the challenge of preventing or minimising potential threats from vandalism, burglary, and all other forms of crime. There is also a need to ensure efficient processes in everyday public life, for instance managing traffic and crises.

Bosch offers a wide range of networked solutions for monitoring public areas and managing security and communications. Bosch IP networked video surveillance provides a host of benefits that enable faster detection and prosecution of accidents and crimes and constitute effective deterrents to prevent crimes from being committed in the first place. Bosch systems are modular, scalable, and aesthetically designed. The automated function minimises equipment, space, power, and maintenance requirements reducing costs.

Visible CCTV cameras installed in vulnerable areas are effective deterrents. Illegal activities such as drug dealing, street violence, and vandalism diminish sharply when police forces are supported by surveillance technologies.

Wherever crowds gather Intelligent Video Analysis supports monitoring operators to detect, track, and analyse moving objects and people, and can trigger an alarm when an individual or vehicle enters a prohibited area or behaves suspiciously.

CCTV surveillance enables centralised traffic monitoring. It supplies relevant information to help police and emergency services deal with accidents. Road crews can be dispatched to remove hazards. 

Cameras can collect data on traffic patterns to reprogram traffic lights and improve traffic flows. License plate cameras capture details at any time of the day or night, on vehicles moving at high speed and in any weather or ambient lighting conditions.

Talk to Bosch Security Systems about your Council’s surveillance requirements. Don’t forget Bosch also supply conference, emergency sound and public address systems.

*Copy supplied by Bosch Security Systems